A very special second trip to the Yucatan Days 7 & 8

12 Nov

Another beautiful sunrise…….and then off for coffee and muffins at Turtle Bay Cafe in our little vacation “hometown” of Akumal. We did a little shopping afterwards while Mark walked back and picked up the car. Cute shops if you’ve forgotten your swimsuit or for casual evening wear. We all hopped in the car, made our daily stop at the market for more cold beer and then we drive down to the ancient ruins of Tulum. The best time to arrive at any of the ruins in early in the morning (which we did on our last trip to the ruins of the Yucatan) to beat the crowds of tourists that arrive in droves by bus. Also Sundays are family days in Mexico and there are a large number of local visitors. Since we were not in a rush at anytime on this trip we just went with the flow and the crowds. When we visited the ruins 3 years ago the grounds were in the process of being renovated and wow, what a nice job they did. The approach and entrance had changed and the path was immaculately landscaped.

Tulum Ruins

These ruins are not as spectacular in history and size as Chichen Itza or even Coba but the backdrop is incredibly by far the most beautiful.  The are iguanas roaming the grounds everywhere you go and they seem completely comfortable with all of the visitors. We took lots of pictures of these inhabitants and of the scenic vistas overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  We took a lot of pictures for other tourists, too. That’s one of the fun things about being on vacation anywhere, all the people you meet from all over the world!
After our visit at the ruins, we head into Tulum pueblo and have lunch at the highly recommended Don Cafetos – delicious food!  With full bellies, we were then ready do the touristy shopping thing…….and taught Sara a little about bartering for gifts for her friends back home in Alaska.
On the way home we drive down to the beach in Tulum where all the eco-resorts are lined up. The surf was rough but beautiful to see and the warm and glowing sunset showed us more proof of God’s magnificent handiwork!We relaxed with coffee to yet another beautiful sunrise over the Caribe.
Next day…….
The weather today is different and you could see it in the clouds of the morning sunrise. A little bit windier so we decide to stay in Akumal and visit Yal-Ku Lagoon hoping that it’s calmer there.  It is especially if you stay away from the mouth of the lagoon.  Mark and I make the mistake of snorkeling out there against the current and saw nothing, so started to swim back into calmer waters.  Aaaah, this is such a fun place to snorkel as there are so many coral formations and cave-like features to go in and out of, full of many different kinds of colorful fish. After snorkeling for a couple of hours, we actually got chilly.  I have never been chilly in Mexico before. We get out of the water and dry off and decide to have the lunch of sandwiches and chips that we packed. We also had cold beers in the cooler too, but we weren’t quite ready for it. The inside of the car was so warm we decided to reacclimate our body temperature to it’s normal state. I think we sat in the car for close to an hour enjoying the sauna like state. Mark and Sara decided to go back in for more snorkeling as Jill and I took some video of them and walked around the grounds admiring the sculptures.This is a great little place to visit with a nice parking lot and places to sit, even a couple of picnic tables and a little “store” shack with a few ammenities you might need while you’re there.The admission is about $6 US per person.
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